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For stress, i have learnt to tackle it sooner rather than later. I know we always don't know what the best thing to do is but if you at least decide to tackle it sooner, a solution will probably come forward sooner.

for me, finding a counsellor to talk to always helps a lot!!! I can't stress that enough. Pardon the pun.

And keeping talking to the person as often as you need until the problems are resolved.

With regard to the food side, this time and in future, i'm determined that life difficulties are not going to force me off my wagon. Part of my determination comes from knowing how hard it is to pick myself up after a fall and the other from having such confidence in my current plan.

So at most, with stress, i would suggest eating a little more at meal times. Ease up on the calorie restriction so this way its planned and i would still eat good foods not the ones that cause me to lose the plot. In fact, don't even try to lose weight under stress conditions. Rather eat at maintenance calories so reduce the appetite and focus on dealing with the problem.

Right now i am procrastinating but i've learnt to do denial quite well so i'm not stressing. But i'm far from perfect.

So i do hope you can get back to it and maybe just start by going back to maintenance calories and eating tons of fruit and vegies. I have really found and am somewhat surprised at how good physically i am feeling because of the variety and bulk of good things in my diet.

Make a firm decision to start this instant and start doing the stuff you have to do. The next time you want to eat make sure its good food, not the carby stuff. chuck out all the junk, count calories, buy lots of vegies and start cooking salads, and fruit. And drinking lots of water. Talk to yourself positively a lot. Positive reinforcement. Lots of that. Avoid looking at, seeing, and thinking about other foods. Change the tv channel. I don't watch a lot of commercial tv but i've noticed that there is a lot of food advertising which can't be helpful.\

Oh i've just seen i didn't read the second page. So its good to see you are on the up again.

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