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Hello everyone! Its very warm here today at 84 degrees! We didn't go to the gym (going mon, wed, fri mostly now), but ran some errands. The Japanese Lilac bus is blooming and smells so good. It blooms a bit more each year. Looking forward to when it really comes into full bloom! Our Rhodies have also begun to bloom. I love this time of year!

I don't think I did very well with eating out at the Japanese buffet last night. It is a little expensive even though dh's (birthday) meal was free, I felt I had to eat enough to get my money's worth! More stinkin' thinking! Anyway I don't think I did terrible but I should have done better. I don't even care for their food...just went for why do I waste calories on food I don't really like I keep making these mistakes but hopefully I will learn in time. My weight was up 4 oz and my bs was higher than it has been the two days. Hopefully if I eat better today it will both come down again.

So far today:
Lighter mocha frappe - protein, carb, fat

am snack
1/4 lg apple - carb
1/2 T PB - fat
1 T mixed nuts - protein

Lucinda - You are good at making good choices, proud of you!

Cana - Your trip sounds wonderful! I've been to some of the same
Tagatay and the Taal Volcano, Sagada, Banaue and the rice terraces, Baguio. I can believe Baguio being so crowded! I had a camera stolen out of my purse while I carried it in Baguio in the crowds once! We went to Corregidor which was very interesting and esp to my dh and son who are both military. Dh's father was military also and survived the Bataan Death March. I have been to Cebu City during a festival around 1999 and explored that area a bit. Haven't seen much of Cebu though. I haven't been to Malapascua Island or the Chocolate Hills. In 2009 we also went to Vigan. I liked it there. We went to a hotel where Tom Cruise stayed while making some movie. The room was offered to us but only was available for one night and we were tired and wanted to settle for a while so we moved on to another. Beautiful mohogany throughout the hotel. It was a nice room but I'm not that impressed by movie stars. The mayor has a zoo there on his property that we visited and enjoyed. We were on our own for that part of the trip. Earlier We stopped at Subic Bay so our son and his gf could snorkle. I had read that it was contaminated but it actually was very clear and beautiful. They saw beautiful fish and thoroughly enjoyed their time there. We didn't stay there but enjoyed the restaurant. Next time I hope to skip Manila. You can fly into Clark Field now so that's what we plan to do. There is a hotel in San Fernando where we have stayed while we visit dh's brother and his family. So many other things..too much to share here but we have enjoyed our adventures despite the fact that I usually get a little bit sick at some point. Last time I was the last to get sick out of the four of us though which surprised me. I hurt my knee getting in and out of those little side cars on the bikes! Of course we always take a few Jeepneys and Occasionally hire FXs, but last time we took a LOT of buses! Good way to get to mix with the locals but I don't want to do that so much next time. Too wearing and I think it helped to make me sick. The Filipino TV gives us ideas of things to see there...dh had never done much outside of his childhood province and later Manila until we started going back together. Yes the muslim areas can be very unsafe esp for Americans. Too bad because it would bring in more revenue if tourist felt safe. Traveling is harder for me these days, but I still love to do it. Fun to "talk" with another non-Filipino person who's been there!

Karen31 - Glad to hear from you. Glad you had a visitor...helps to share with others. I keep sending up prayers.

Cajun - Don't give up. I need you for support to as I get to feeling I'm just spinning my wheels sometimes. Seems like the older I get the harder it gets.
Was talking to a little old lady in Costco the other day who said her hot dog would be her last food for the day as she was so full! I wish I could be that way! She was on her own and didn't look sickly.

Hi to Jess, Bobbi, Glynne, wannabe and anyone else I've missed...
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