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Pixikat - I drive myself nuts over wanting perfect grades. Missing the one question is almost as bad as failing the test. So close to perfection. Way to go for acing a final!

Easily - sodium creeps up on me even when I'm trying my hardest to cut it out. Good for you for no soy and portion control. I have to remind myself of these things all the time!

Sue - This whole pregnancy has stayed very surreal feeling. We didn't expect it and have been so busy with our other babies that we haven't had time to slow down and enjoy it the same way. It may just be how it is when you get into the "over 2 kids" group. My original goals were to be at or under 180 by May 15th. I'm bummed I won't hit it anytime soon. So I'm just hoping for under 200 (or lower) by my birthday Oct 25th. The summer heat is not going to be enjoyable but it will be bearable since we have a pool =] It just needs to be in the 80s for a week and I'm hopping in!

Day 1, DONE! I'm so proud of me because literally staying on track has become so hard. I've just gotten out of the habit of "Needing" to make healthy choices so it's easier to not worry about it. Now I've gotta get something together for supper. Making good choices! I hope everyone is having a fabulous Thursday. I'm always more hungry on Thursdays. No idea why.

Start: 254
Goal: 235
4/23: 254
4/24: 250.2
4/25: 248.6
4/26 - 4/29 : no WI
4/30: 255.8
5/1: 252.0
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