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Good morning all and Happy May Day. It's gorgeous here -- can see all of us frolicking around a May Pole (that vision should provide some humor for most of us).

Ubee Love, you make me laugh. STOP go to May. Yes, it is hard to remember when it's no longer the previous month. You are a dear for making sure we at least have some idea what month it is. Thanks, again, for taking the initiative to set up the new thread. Ah, yes, a shortcut. My dad used to take those when out driving. One time we ended up in Wyoming......long story. Hope the next try with cookie making turns out better.
Silent Arctic Hope the sore throat goes away. It's been weeks since you've been at 100% and Ubee and I are beginning to take on the pallor of being wall flowers without you to take care of our social lives. I do admire you that you're still trying to work out -- good for you and seriously, I hope you feel better soon.
Restless OK, I won't be complaining about that little stiffness in my back from hefting the screens yesterday. Well, I will complain, but just not on here. YOur job sounds fascinating and the fact that you love it is such a gift. And, yes, this group is very supportive and I've learned so much about getting the weight off -- both from a dieting perspective but as much from a mental perspective.

I've just got to fill up the bird feeders and the upper deck will be finished. The screens are up, all the chair/table covers are stowed, everything is clean and now it's supposed to start raining again and get colder. I still have to plant all of the planter boxes that hang off the railing, but won't do that for another couple of weeks.

Food wise I lost 9 of the 17 pounds I gained during April. I'm beginning to feel hopeful that maybe this time I'll get down to my lowest and actually be able to keep on going instead of just regaining it for the 5th time. Off to the gym and then starting on getting the yard truly whipped into shape.

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