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Rie-Not sure I could ever really leave this place, and there's no way I could just skip out on this challenge I know about my food limitations and haven't had gluten knowingly for 6 months since finding out I'm sensitive, but sometimes you really just want to let go and enjoy food especially when you're on such a strict diet like me. I know it was crazy, but that's why and I honestly didn't know how bad the reaction would be. I'm sorry about your boyfriend Why can't these boys just let us be in control of our own bodies?! For me, I feel like I can't win. I don't think anything in my personality has changed, since I was on this journey well before I met him. I really think you're right when you say he's insecure. He doesn't eat like me and he'll tell me he feels ashamed of his eating sometimes. I'm going to stop talking with him about it at all, its going to be really hard for me though bc I tell him everything, but I think its for the best. I'm so glad the counting cals is working for you! I feel you on the bread! Haha I eat salads for lunch everyday and you can really get creative with them! I made this cool morocan sweet potato rice pilaf salad with raw cashew pieces and sunflower seeds and it turned out so good. You could make taco salads, seaweed salad, strawberry and spinach with balsamic salad, tomato/basil/mozzarella're so creative Rie I know if anyone can think up some cool jazzy salads its you I too was raised on sandwiches and lots of bread, but I promise over time it gets easier if you start limiting it and eventually you won't crave it as much. But if you really can't do salads, what about wraps with high protein/fiber tortillas? La Tortilla Factory has some good low carb wraps, not sure if you can find them in Japan though...

I'm pretty much all better(aside from water retention) now after the pizza incident Learned my lesson big time that I really am THAT sensitive and cheating just means I cheat myself. Important lesson I think. Exercise is going good. Went on a hike with my sister yesterday and going on a longer hike up the mountain today with my dad. I reconfigured my calories and realized I was in this starve/binge cycle from MFP giving me a goal of 1200. So I'd try that for a few days then totally fail which is why I haven't been making my nutrition goal for phase 5. I've decided to change it to 1600 on workout days, 1400 for non exercise days, and on long hike days(3+ hours) I'm just going to try and eat reasonably but not limit too much I'm hoping this will make my eating more consistent.

Over all I'm feeling really good actually. I think not talking to my boyfriend about my diet at all is a good plan. I can't not tell him about exercise though bc hiking is such a big part of who I am. So he'll just have to deal with that I mean, he has been getting more and more into hiking so at least we have that.

I started practicing again yesterday after a couple weeks break and was very pleased with the improvements I gained over the break. Its weird, I ALWAYS get my biggest gain with playing when I take breaks. Its a lot like exercise for me in that if you go hard everyday, you get fatigued and plateau, but then you take a break for a week and once you go back you've all of a sudden gotten much faster/stronger. At least that's how it seems to work for me lol Anyone else experience this either with exercise or anything else?

I've been feeling pretty confident lately and decided I want to do a photoshoot with my sister and brother. As I've mentioned before my sister is a model and my brother has done some modeling too and they have cool pictures from them doing shoots together and I think it would be so cool for us all to do one. I talked with my sister about it and she likes the idea(although she'd prefer it be just me and her since her and my brother fight a lot lol) and that she would start talking with some photographers so we can do that this summer It would just be for ourselves, but I think it would be such a neat thing to look back on when we're older.
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