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Mindy, Dang ole scale, how can it go up when we work so hard?! Great job on the run!!

So it is the first of the month. I am going to challenge myself this month.

W~ Well drinking anyway~ No Alcohol all month long. This one will be difficult. Not that I drink a lot. Maybe a glass of wine or 2 on my days off. BUT its one more thing my body can do without.

Exercise~ Weights and strength every day. I have really slacked on this since Disneyland. I know better.

Eats~ For 30 days I am going to go gluten free. It will be a struggle at first, but with a bit of label reading I will do it!

Daily Goal~~ Laugh everyday. Work hard to keep my emotions in check.


W 80 oz
E run 7 miles outside I thought about a timed run, maybe 90 minutes? But my goal distance is seven miles. Abs and Arms
E gluten free foods~ go grocery shopping to stock up!
D~Take the kids to school with DH. Smile
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