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I have exercise-induced asthma, and over the years I notice my asthma is worse when outdoors. So, I do most of my exercise inside (aside from hiking and biking). I also have an inhaler that I (sometimes) take before exercise (I honestly only usually use it for outdoor activities), which is the only "advice" my doctor has given me in regards to my take it every time before I exercise.

I would agree about easing into it. Strength training could also help with your stamina, since as you strengthen your muscles, cardio should become easier on the body and hopefully on the lungs. However, everyone's asthma is different! Push yourself, but not too hard, just until you figure out your limits. Do you have an inhaler you can take prior to exercise or do you just have the rescue inhaler?

One other thing I've learned from hiking is to not let yourself get to the point of being completely out of breath. Once you kind of learn what to look for, this is surprisingly easy. Once you get out of breath, it's hard to continue if you challenge yourself without going past that wall, you can keep going much longer than you might imagine. For me, this means a slow, controlled pace while hiking. I pay attention to my heart rate and if it starts to feel like it's escalating too much, I ease up. I haven't had a single attack on the trail in the year since I started paying attention to this. The faster your heart is beating, the more oxygen you need, but with asthma, you can't get as much oxygen with each breath, so if you let your heart rate get too high, it's nearly impossible to avoid an attack. And the more exercise you do, the stronger your heart, body and lungs will get. For example, when I started at the gym Jan. 2013, my heart rate would get up near 200BPM on the elliptical. Now, I'm lucky if it's 165.

(I could be completely off base with this, but just my observations...)

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