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Hey all!

So after Sunday's let down of a weigh in I've changed my Phase 3 nutrition goal to Count Calories. I've been going for the last 5 days, the results have been surprising. A couple of days I've been about 500 calories over, down to mindless snacking or drinking something other than water. I think it's the calorie content of drinks that took me by surprise, but everything adds up. I went to karaoke with my friends on Tuesday, had 2 cans of alcohol (one being a big can, the other a small) and wow the calories in those added up! It wasn't even really worth it...they didn't taste amazing and it didn't get me buzzed at all. I think as time goes on I'm tempted to just stop drinking altogether. It's empty calories that I'd rather put towards food.

I really need to work on WHAT I'm eating too. I've been eating bread every single day...white bread too. I need to mix things up a bit, but I was raised on a sandwich for lunch every single day since I can remember. I'm just so used to it now it's my instinctive "lunch". I went through a few meal plans (blogilates 12 week new body plan & Insanity's nutrition guide) to get some ideas. Mostly it's been salads, which in theory is a great idea but I just hate salads! I don't find them appetizing, I always think "where's the bread?!"

Today I did a yoga video for my lower back and for cross training. It was tough, but I felt my back "pop" in a few positions and it isn't hurting me at the moment. Need to get on a run again, not been for a while since I've been busy or have done something else.


Dott - You're right, I even put it in my first post that there's more life and to healthy living than the number on the scale! It's hard to practice what I preach in these kind of situations, but I've been making changes to make sure the next time I step on the scale I will see a lower number. I'm so glad you're back!! I always worry when people say "bbl, school" then they never return! I'm assuming you have some sort of gluten allergy? That's kinda crazy that you knowingly put yourself through that!! Hope you feel better soon.
Hmm, I'm starting to have a bit of trouble with my boyfriend too. Ever since he saw me really disappointed about my weigh in he's been making little comments and being vocal about his own health. He will always say he's just talking to me about himself, but I can't help but feel it's a little dig, almost like he's saying "and what are YOU doing/eating today?" As for your's your body!! He has no control over what you decide to eat or what you do for exercise or how much you want to weigh. Sometimes it's best to stop involving loved ones in that side of your life, it's honestly the reason I'm on this forum. I really can't talk about my weight/health with other people often because they will always project their opinions on me. Maybe you should gently ask him is there something about you that bothers him? Like...does he have some really big issue with a part of your personality? Because that's the real question here, if weight loss and health is just something you do and doesn't affect who you are as a person then he doesn't really have the right to say anything! Especially since you've spoken to him before. It could also be his own insecurities that's the problem here, he might be using you and your efforts as a scapegoat for what he's really finding hard about himself. I find myself feeling bugged when my boyfriend has done an epic workout and I've done nothing, because it makes me feel bad. Though I would NEVER voice these feelings, because it's crazy to get in the way of that part of someones life!
Taking a break from 3FC, thanks guys!

Goal 1: Halfway point to borderline Overweight/Healthy BMI~ 165 lbs
Goal 2: Weight when I was 17 ~ 159 lbs
Goal 3: Borderline Overweight/Healthy BMI ~ 150 lbs
Goal 4: Lightest weight ever! ~ 148 lbs
Goal 5: Lighter than Boyfriend ~ 145 lbs
Goal 6: Halfway point to Healthy BMI ~ 140 lbs
Final Goal: Midpoint of healthy BMI range (21.6) ~ 130 lbs
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