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Sam...good luck today...the donuts and hashbrowns sound soo good.
Terra Great job on losing 12 lbs keep it up! The walking is helping!

Ubee...cookies huh?? sounds kinda yummy

Silent Glad...that cough sounds nasssy....feel better soon

Betsy ...Id love to be out there cleaning that deck with you.

Dean....stand's so hard when you get all kinda busy with people around.

My breathing is so bad right now I got all I can handle walking to the truck after work. Im hoping that with some major weight loss my breathing will improve a hundred fold. Its so hard to be real active and work out when you cant breathe good and hurt so bad...but I gotta give it all I got. I cant handle it this way anymore. Ive been diabetic since 1999 with allergies to the oral meds I had no choice but to take the shots. In the year since Ive also been diagnosed with Chronic Pain Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue, Sjogrens, UARS, SDB and Fibromyalgia. Aint that a freakin hoot!!!!

All a bunch of fancy names for telling me Im too chubby, I hurt a lot and cant breathe :-) Gotta love it.

......oh and the Insomnia? OMG it's beyond words. I figure if I get a couple hours a night Im lucky.

Im off work tomorrow so ima enjoy a long weekend. How about y' any plans?

Thanks for listening and being a part of my journey
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