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Hi Everyone,

It's been a while - well, a long time really.

It's been an interesting 18 months. We went to the UK for a holiday and basically, I never returned to my 'diet - lifestyle' changes, I returned to my old habits and regained some of the weight that I lost.

I had episodes of weeks where I stuck to my plan but found my weight loss was sporadic, if any. It left me feeling a quite disillusioned and wondering if I could succeed with just diet and exercise alone.

In the middle of March I developed chicken pox and it gave me a week of contemplation and not being able to ignore things, or be too busy to stop and think about myself.

I've been on many 'diets' over the years and whilst I kept at least half the weight off that I lost last time, I did regain some and knew that I needed to change things.

I'd been looking at and considering surgical intervention, for example, gastric sleeve but am really worried that something might happen and I would be unable to work. That would cause a really big issue for us as I earn more than my husband and we have 2 kids in private schools. It's funny - my weight is not healthy but I can't afford to be sick!

I had to see a different GP when I found I had the chicken pox because my usual GP was away. It was the first time I saw him and he commented on my weight and asked what I was doing about it. He suggested prescribing a medication to assist me.

At first I refused but read up a lot regarding the drug and after a week went to see him again and was given a prescription.

I wanted to return to this forum because I really liked being a part of the group and found the support wonderful. However, I feel embarrassed that I have resorted to medication to assist me and at first did not want to say anything, but that feels dishonest.

I will have been taking the medication for three weeks tomorrow and things are going really well. My weight is now less that the last time (only just - about 2 pounds) I posted on the forum.

I have minimal side effects, just a dry mouth (not such a bad thing, means I drink more water), don't sleep as much as I used to (but still get enough sleep). The most wonderful benefit is that I rarely feel hungry. It's WONDERFUL.

I still eat but eat healthy choices. Because I'm not hungry, I don't eat as much, so my portion size are smaller.

Another benefit is that I now have a lot more energy. I'm now exercising on daily basis - just walking on a treadmill but that's something that I wasn't doing before.

I'm used to metric, and started again at 130.7 kgs. So am setting my smaller goals at 10kgs increments.

My 'long term' goal for the moment is to crack the 100 kg barrier.

I'll be over the moon and ready to set the world alight when (not if) I make it to 75kgs. I know that it is still in the over weight BMI range for me (need to be under 68kgs for that) but I have not been that weight for over 20 years and when I was, I looked so slim.

So, here goes ....... another roller-coaster ride and even though I know it's not going to be all downhill, I hope the finish line is lower that the starting point.

I'm so pleased to see familiar faces (names), I feel like I'm back with a group of friends I've not seen for ages.

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