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Thank you, RVAScreenwriter! Reading about you guys' progress motivates me as well. I'm not a very competitive person but I like being surrounded by people who have positive attitudes and are working hard for goals similar to mine.

Also, I totally hear you on reining in your calorie intake. My calorie intake has been completely out of whack in the last weeks probably because I was PMSing and because of school-related anxiety. Last week I blew my budget twice, I snacked on healthy foods all day long (but snacked in the end, no veggies), and had to get on the treadmill just to put my intake back within my budget burning some of calories. It was ridiculous. Today I kind of did the same and I feel awful about it! I'm still losing but it frustrates me because I'm afraid that when I meet my goal I'm going to bounce back to my old habits. I don't have any advice to give you, just sympathy because I'm on the same boat lately.

Looking forward to see you join us, sunny!

Doesn't it feel awesome to get unexpected compliments, stars? And yay for working out with the kids! I have to wait until they're gone to bed if I want to get my sweat on!

Congrats, coffeeshopgirl! Good job! I hope the scale shows me some love next week with 175.
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