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Hey Doods and Doodettes.......thanks again for allowing me to be here. Eventually I'll remember who's who and be a tad more supportive.

Friday is my official start day. Im gonna give it my best shot to walk some every single day and Ive got some free weights here I wanna start tossing around a little. I had actually started the weights last year but had to stop because of extensive carpal tunnel surgery in my non dominant hand and torn rotator cuffs in both arms....go figure ay?

Somebody asked what exactly I invesitgate. I investigate Health Care fraud in the Military, US and Abroad, Active Duty and Retired. It is by far one of the most thrilling time consuming informative ever learning job Ive ever had. It never gets old. I look forward to work every single day. Dont kid yourself...I have days where Id rather not go to work but not often.

I love the support and camaraderie I see here. Heave knows that this weight loss monster requires mega support to be successful. Ive tried it "My way" for years and THAT clearly hasnt worked so Ive decided to surrender that and look deep inside and seek the support I need to make this "get healthy" a suscess for myself and as many people as I can support in the process. I vow to be "In it to win it"!!!

Thanks for being a part of my journey
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