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Originally Posted by jacquelinerose View Post
noname- Thank you for the welcome! I'm starting 90 days from now because it would also be the day after my birthday, and in the time til then, I'm mental preparing myself to stick with this change, and read up as much as I can! I have been lurking in the 20 somethings forums as well, just haven't made an initial post there yet.

Patti Thanks!
If you're in your 20's? Hopefully, you're going to have to deal with a lot of birthdays--starting in just 365 days after the one you're having in July. The positive attitude would be I am starting today and I am going to lose some weight prior to my birthday in July.

Obesity is a disease that can kill you. There's nothing in the stats that says you're safe from getting type 2 diabetes, a horrible disease that you get to live with the rest of your life, (if you don't already have it?) Instead of worrying about your birthday in July, you should be worrying about how many birthdays you will have left if you don't take off this weight.

You're not going to lose all of your weight before July--but you won't be able to do it prior to the following birthday either. You didn't gain all this weight overnight--and you're certainly not going to lose it overnight. It's going to take time, maybe even years.

It is a lifestyle change--and that means for a lifetime regardless of birthdays, holidays or whatever may be coming up.

To start--you need to know where you're at. That means getting on a scale today to determine how much you weigh and then you can follow this easy to use BMI calculator--that can guide you through the process.

Now let's see how tough you really are:

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