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Hey everyone! I've read through and will come back to respond.

Sue - I'm due July 8th but set for my 3rd csection on July 1st. We already had a 4 yr old boy and a 2 yr old girl so this baby is a surprise. It has been the easiest and most fun decision I think we've ever made during a pregnancy. The unknown is being awesome!

AFM: I did really well for a few days, then we had a family dinner and I was like a drug addict released in a pharmacy. I'm pretty sure I ate enough carbs for the week in about 30 minutes. It was ridiculous and I knew what I was doing and my inner voice was saying "Don't do it." and the junky in me shut her up by eating more food.

Ok, in all honesty, I didn't actually do too badly. Maybe 500 cals over for the day and about 100 carbs. The calories don't effect me all that much but my body LOVES to hold on to every carb I look at. I know better. Why do they taste so good?! I've ended with a 7 lb gain in 2 days. I was sick yesterday and still feel bad today (probably from the crappy food) and didn't worry with diet yesterday and just ate bites here and there. Oh well, I'm doing the right thing today and I'm just praying, at this point, that I don't end this pregnancy higher than my starting weight last summer (275.4). I would LOVE to end this pregnancy in the 220s but I'm trying to be practical.

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