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Good morning all. Another absolutely gorgeous day here with temps expected to get into the low 80s for the first time this year. The natives are griping because anything 80 or above is considered to be "HOT" here. They should have grown up in a truly hot part of the country to know hot. I love it!

SilentArctic Glad you're finally beginning to feel some better although it sounds like that lingering cough is a doozy. What you're eating doesn't sound outrageous at all to me, but guess it depends on what you're normal diet food is. I'm with Ubee on calling your sister.
Ubee Let me know how the new cookies turn out. The ingredients actually sound good, but I can see where you'd be wondering about the results. Sounds like you've got a busy day planned. Didn't make the cauliflower recipe -- it was a low carb one but high calorie. Basically cook and semi-mash the cauliflower, mix with creme cheese and layer half in a 9X13 pan, spread grated cheese on top and repeat the layer one more time. And bake at 350. Supposed to make six servings from that.
Terra Great news on losing 12 pounds -- WOW! What does it feel like to enjoy cleaning.......I'm trying to envision me enjoying cleaning, but it's just not coming through.
Dean Enjoy the family gathering and just tell yourself that you'll only eat the healthy stuff and in moderation. Unless your family is like mine and the healthy stuff is hard to find. If you know it's going to be a problem, just take something along with you that you can snack on ahead of time to fill you up so you won't be so tempted. Glad you got through all the bad weather.
Fi No insomniacs in this house. I'm lucky if I make it through the 10 PM shows. My sister was a total night person so I understand where you're coming from.
Sam Your leg lifts sound grueling. I'm in awe.

Yesterday afternoon was spent -- 4.5 hours of it -- power washing my 65 foot long deck. Today I'll put everything back in place, put up the screens on the porch, uncover the chairs and table, and put out all the bird feeders. Since I'm on the side of a steep ridge, if I leave the bird feeders out that are on hangers, they blow off in the winter storms. Tomorrow I'm starting the weeding in seriousness. The yard is once again a disaster area, but it is every year around this time because of all the rain and the fact that my next door neighbor is running a weed factory. Got my menu planned out for today and am determined to stick to it. Have a great day!

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