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Diana~ Think I am going to spend a month doing gluten free. I have been doing no whites at night, but there are so many gluten free products out there that I am really interested in trying it. AND since for some reason I can't seem to get my scale to stop moving in the up direction I thought it would be a good try. The beach was good. We went to Seaside (OR). It was raining, but we are used to the rain.

Mindy~ great job on the bike ride!!! DH and I are going to get bikes for the summer for outings with the kids. Our walk was a little interrupted when we ran into a couple of friends, but it was a really nice evening.

My friend told me about a half marathon here in my hometown on June 7. I am so nervous about trying it, but she said its a perfect first half. There is no specific pace to keep. Its June 7 so I really need to pick up my training. As of right now, YES I am going for it. I'm scared, but totally excited for it at the same time. For a really small town an hour away from any good urban area, we have a good running community with a ton of 5k's and 10k's.

Well, my kiddo is sick today so I will spend this beautiful day taking care of him. I may go out for a run, but chances are I will run on the treadmill today.

W 80 oz
E I'm shooting for 6.5 miles today (EDITING: I ran 7.25 miles today. I did run on my treadmill at a 12 min mile pace. It was a surprisingly easy run at that pace.)
E clean. so sugar.
D take good care of my little boy.

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