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Wow Easily and Sue! I'm so impressed! Great job.

I'm rolling along ok. Eating more mindfully is great and I do like the focus but miss that bite of this or that. It's interesting to watch myself debate over the stalk of celery. I plan my food in the morning and generally veer off just a touch based on hunger levels. I'm trying not to be too hungry or too full.

July 4th Challenge GW: 144
4/21 152*
4/22 152*
4/23 152.8*
4/24 153.6
4/25 152.4
4/26 151.4
4/27* 149.8
4/28. 149.8
4/29 150.4
4/30 149.8

Now just losing a few ounces a day will make me happy. I have a 4 month goal to be my adult lowest of anything under 140. End of summer/African Safari. I can do this!

Pixie, I saw in the other thread that you eat Atkins peanut butter cups. I didnt want to post thi in the challenge threa. I never had those but I do buy Quest Cravings peanut butter cups. They are my crack! 2cups, 10 carbs and I think 4 fiber, 240 calories, 21 protein. I find them as good as candy which is dangerous but the carbs are low. I ate 1 cup for dessert last night. It was better than nuts or something else or me because it is a controlled amount. I'm a huge Quest fan since they came out years ago.
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