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Originally Posted by SkylarLeeDixon View Post
Hi everyone!

Im a 30 year old mother of two from a little town in the north of Chile who just couldnt take it anymore.

I've always had to be careful with the food, cause I put on weight so easily, so I managed to stay "normal" for several years.

In 2009 I got pregnant for the first time after trying for 3 years, I wanted to do everything right since I wanted a baby so much! and keep living on a diet was not part of that.

I tried hard for the next 3 years to lose all the weight but I kept failing and ended up gaining even more weight.

By march 2012 I had managed to lose some and I started to feel very good about it since it was starting to show but then in May that year I found out I was pregnant again.

This was not a planned or wanted pregnancy at all, I took precautions but sometimes life just wants to mess things up for you and as I always say... **** just happens...

I tried to have a healthier pregnancy but I failed too and once again I was huge.

On February 18 a friend of mine (who is as desperate as me to lose weight) gave me some "natural" pills that would help me control my anxiety, I took the first and WOWSA! Terrible dry mouth, sharp pain on my chest, couldnt breathe!... natual my ***! I went home for lunch that day and I decided not to take them anymore, cause I had accepted my fate, I was doomed to be a fat woman.

Then came my daughter's first day of school and we took a picture together to remember that day and what a wake up call that was! I couldnt believe I was that huge! I mean, I knew I was big but not mountain size big! I cried long and hard that day and I realized that if I didnt make any changes, I would be dead before sending my children to college.

I started that day at 246.93lb on March 5th.

Today I went to the dreaded scale and I was at 222.68lb

I feel good but not as great as I should. I notice some changes in clothes specifically, today I put on pants that I couldnt fit in at all, they wouldnt even go all the way up! and now Im wearing them at work!

I went from a pant size 24 to 20 but I know I can do lots better!

The thing is I have an excuse... TIME! I get up everyday at 6.30 am I walk to work everyday (30 mins aprox) but that's ALL the excersice of my day, I work on a desk until 18.00 I go to school to pick up my girl, and then to my mother's to pick up my son and I arrive home around 20.30. I eat something, do homework, play a little, clean the house and by 11.30 Im dead! no time whatsoever for gym! I know there are people out there that make time! Im not one of those, I just dont have that much energy and I want this so bad and feel like Im only kidding myself thinking that this way I will be 130lb. by new years' which is my goal. I did drop the soda (Ive had some relapses) and Im trying to give up bread too (which I LOVE!) that's been hard.

Any tips? any at all? I'll take them all! and thank for for taking the time to read this wannabe bibble of my personal journey to be thin.

I wrote this post filled with pictures but I cant post them but anyway that's my story

So here I am, amazed that I was able to pull this off, it's not much but it's a start to a new life! hopefully! Thank you again and I do rant a lot so my next post will be as long as this xD

You sound like you're young--so it's not necessarily a lack of exercise--it's how many calories you're eating during the day that is beating you down.

Exercise is to keep you fit, but if you're eating more than the calories you typically burn during a day--you'll gain weight. It's pretty simple--calories in versus calories burned.

Here is a great easy BMI calculator that can help you determine where you're at--and where you need to be--along with other suggestions in diet, etc. that may help you along this journey.

It's going to be tough--it's not easy to lose weight--especially if you're addicted to food. You'll get hungry--you'll at times get discouraged--and sometimes you'll overeat. You want to make certain that you follow the guidelines much more often than you don't.

Take care--Good Luck and Welcome to this board.

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