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ubee - awe shucks lol

Sam - Thanks, I hope so too I did do aerobics today and only had to stop afew times to deal with coughing fits so... on the mend? I hope

Terra - Woohoo... 288 awesome gal.

Hoping tomorrow the scale doesn't scare me I am eating SO much right now.

I don't even know its crazy. dinner felt huge... i dunno I'm still weighing daily so if i don't see gains I will pretty much continue to eat this way? Until I meet with a dietician. I just feel so.... decadent like I'm indulging crazily. Yet even with a messed up metabolism I theoretically at my size and activity level SHOULD burn this many calories so I don't think I should gain. Even though I keep going "Should I really have just eaten that?" I mean lunch was luxurious, tuna salad on a peice of whole grain toast accompanied by a spinach salad that had balsamic vinegar on it. Dinner had PASTA in it.

I don't know seriously I am fuddled, I am suppose to be eating whole grains though. It just freaks me out I read conflicting information about glucose regulation. I really need to suck it up and call my sister but I don't want to worry her.
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