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Default Day 2 - 04/29

Ok my results for today:

B: 2 eggs - boiled w/ salt and pepper; 6 slices of pre-packeged Deli Ham - Oscar Mayer (I thought 6 was a serving as it is in most other brands, but these were bigger lol Shoulda realized but was rushed - so in the future I'll only have 3)
Coffee with 2 tbsp half and half, no sugar/sweetener
L: ended up being a couple of snacks - day got a way from me, super busy at work so
1 cube cheddar cheese, 3 silces of same deli ham, 1/2 cup of fresh broccoli florets with ranch dressing
D: About 1 cup of cooked cabbage (boiled on stove in chicken broth, water, butter, pepper) and about 4 oz of boneless skinless chicken thighs cooked in a cast iron skillet with a little olive oil, seasonings (salt, pepper, garlic) and topped iwth onion slices - added a splash of chicken broth at the end to remove all the drippings.

Net Carbs: 15.6g
Calories: 943.8
Carbs 7%
Fat 57%
Protien 36%

I know today was not a great day because I didn't get enough carbs and not enough from veggies either. And not enough calories. At the moment it's 9:30pm finished dinner a couple hours ago and I will probably have a bit more cabbage and chicken before bed because I'm starving (but stuck in front of the computer working for a few hours).

So not the best day, not the worst day either. I know it's important to have enough as well or that can sabotage your results also!

Oh Energy level - Super high earlier, kinda low now, think I'm feeling not having enough, a bit of a headache too.

Oh and Water - I've had 8 cups thus far, workin on what will be 10 when I'm done.
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