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Originally Posted by SkylarLeeDixon View Post
Hi everyone!
no time whatsoever for gym! I know there are people out there that make time! Im not one of those, I just dont have that much energy and I want this so bad and feel like Im only kidding myself thinking that this way I will be 130lb. by new years' which is my goal. I did drop the soda (Ive had some relapses) and Im trying to give up bread too (which I LOVE!) that's been hard.

Any tips? any at all? I'll take them all! and thank for for taking the time to read this wannabe bibble of my personal journey to be thin.
The "rule of thumb" is that losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise. Another adage you will hear is, "Diet to lose weight; exercise to keep it off." Not having any time to exercise will make your weight loss process a bit more difficult, but it is still certainly doable.

Giving up soda and white bread are two fantastic first steps and they are very healthy changes even if you don't lose weight. You've already lost some weight. If you continue to make small changes in your eating they will add up over time. Even if you lose weight slowly, you can make progress. Would you be disappointed to lose 1/2 pound a week? Wouldn't you rather be 25 pounds lighter next year?

If you have the motivation to follow a more formal plan for your eating, there are several forums devoted to different plans. Poke around and find one that suits you and try it out! Good luck; I hope you are successful in finding something that works well for you!
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