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unsuspected I have never taken phentermine, but know someone who has and lost weight. Now that she has been off it for a few years she has gained all of her weight plus some back. If it works for you that's great, but my honest opinion is there is no diet pill or fad diet out there that will give you the lasting results you want. It takes hard work, dedication and effort to eat right and exercise. When I was a kid I was put on some weight loss pill and turns out it was a glorified version of speed, which I believe phentermine is but I am not positive. They put a 10 year old on that stuff...I don't see how that is right but anyhow. If it works for you and you feel comfortable taking it, then go for it, but it isn't something I would do. Hope you stick around for awhile and let us know how things go!

Fi That is one awesome collage! It's all over the place and has all kinds of different pictures...I really like the elephant hehehehe....Awesome job on this one!

Dean Glad your spirits are back up. Love the Al Franken references..he's one of my faves

Ubee Thanks for the advice. I never thought about the Patients Bill of Rights. That's good to know. I go in for my ultra sound on Thursday so they can have a look at my cysts and tell me if they've gotten any bigger. I'm hoping not. The last time I had them checked they were only about 1 mm a piece.

Jennifer So scary when you get real tornado warnings with the sirens going off. Glad to hear you are ok and nothing too bad happened! Awesome job on staying on your plan!

Betsy Yeah you're right. I just am not wanting to get chastised because I don't follow the doctor's direct orders. I went so long without seeing a doctor for my disease and most doctors really don't know much about PCOS, but from what I am reading birth control only puts a band aid on your symptoms instead of help healing the root cause of the problem. I have definitely become a naturalist over the past few years when it comes to helping heal my body and I hate medicine if I don't have to take it I won't. Thanks for the advice.

Silent Sounds like this sickness you've got has put you through the ringer!! I hope you get back to feeling like your old self soon!!

Nothing too exciting is going on with me today. Just a typical day. I'm feeling kinda mehh....I'm not sad, but not happy...just very neutral. I guess because I'm dreading the ultra sound I have on Thursday. Last night I got a call from the endocrinologist that I was referred to and I go in on June 18th to see them. I'm hoping they help me more with my PCOS and I really hope they don't try and put me on Metformin. I'm in the process of buying some inositol that is supposed to help with PCOS symptoms but also regulate blood sugar. My mom tells me not to worry, she is sure that everything will be fine since I've been working so hard to lose weight and am exercising regularly now. I'm hoping that is enough. Not sure if I told you guys this, but when I went to visit my grandma and my mom on Sunday I jumped on their scale just out of curiosity of what it said I weighed. They have one of those dial read scales instead of the digital one like mine. It said I weighed 290 where mine read in at 299...Someone's is off lol...I got really excited for a minute thinking maybe mine was off, but with mine being digital I thought maybe for sure theirs is off. Either way since I normally go by my digital scale and that is where I weigh in at every week, I figured it's best to just use what my scale says.

Tonight I worked on my legs. They now feel like jello. I now have a personal best with my weighted leg lifts. The last time I did legs I did 60, tonight, I pushed it to the max and did 100!!! Basically what I do is lay on my belly and take on of my dumbbells and stack 30 lbs of weights on it...then stick my feet where I would normally put my hand and lift my leg really works the calves but also helps with the thighs and lifting my bootay!! Having left over chicken tonight with green beans again....Nothing too fancy..Tomorrow I get paid so I'll be able to buy some more groceries. I'm about out of chia seeds so I'll have to get more of that soon. I've been seeing recipes for chia pudding that you make with chia and almond milk, or any type of milk of your choice...I'm going to try it out. I've made vegan chocolate pudding in the past with banana, almond milk, coco powder and chia and it was delicious...Maybe I'll make some of that too!

Have an awesome night everyone! Big love!

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