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i have exercise-induced asthma, as well as a variety of allergies and asthma induced by odors, smoke etc...i also carry an epipen because my allergies haven't been pinpointed by a doctor yet

i do running and walking intervals either outside or on a treadmill at the gym...i use my inhaler before i run/walk and keep it with me in case i need it during exercise...i do run/walk intervals because it allows my lungs to take a pause, get some air, and then run again...i like to push myself to run fast (as opposed to a slow jog) because i have a limited amount of time at the gym...and running/walking holds my attention better than an endless slog of slow jogging....when i am on a walking break, i concentrate on my breathing, relaxing to get air deep into my lungs because this is not a natural thing for me

HOWEVER, a doctor's advice for YOU would be the best way to go...and then experimenting with your own body to see what you personally can and can't handle with your lungs
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