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Hoopty-Glad the surgery went smoothly! That was really sweet of your dentist to call after like that, I don't think any of my dentists have ever done that lol Feel you on the not rewarding with food, that was such a struggle for me for finals! I definitely ended up doing that a few times. I think if I had planned some non food rewards it would have been easier. Do you have some non food rewards you can think of for once the pain is gone and you get tempted? That's great that your husband is so supportive and you can ask him for help like that.

TheMilesAwayGirl-Welcome back If you're having trouble meeting your goals then you might have been a bit too ambitious. Don't be afraid of changing them either if you really think you might have set them a bit high! I've totally changed my exercise goals a few times I knew I was being too ambitious and was setting myself up for failure. As far as slipping up though, the important thing is you're reporting back and getting back on the wagon! I had a pretty bad couple of weekends for eating, but I'm back on track this week!

Rie-I really think you should switch your not buying junk food goal. This isn't a race and I think its more important to set lots of easy goals and guarantee success than trying to knock off such a big one so soon. For me I had to do something similar with my exercise goals, especially the strength ones because I was trying to do too much at once. I'm glad I changed them and eased into it more. Why not try not buying junk food 5 days a week? I also think your idea of switching to calorie counting is a good one too. Love the suits! I need a new bikini too, but haven't had much luck :/ I'm super picky I'm sorry about the weigh in I understand, but you know you are worth so much more then the number on the scale and the important thing is you were implementing new healthy habits and being more active than you were before. I have major issues with bloating and can easily put on 10lbs over night and have many times after a big salty meal so don't discount that. I think the important thing when transitioning to a new lifestyle is to not rely on the scale for reward, but as losing weight as a side benefit but that the real reward is transitioning to a healthier you(especially when you're relatively close to goal/healthy weight). I completely understand your frustration, but I think you are being too hard on yourself.

Survived finals! GPA is looking like its going to be 3.9 for the semester so that's cool Finals week did a bit of a number on my eating though The stress before hand means I binged on Easter. Then this past weekend I totally let go and just ate and drank EVERYTHING. I even had gluten and dairy and am suffering so much from it. I'm actually surprised how bad it is. Totally bloated too of course. I remember when I last had gluten(which was by accident that time) the scale shot up 7lbs over night and stayed there for 2 weeks, so I'm not holding out any hopes of losing weight any time soon
Yesterday I felt like I had the flu from the gluten and I've been lethargic, depressed, and tired aside from all the sickness stuff. Also have weird cravings for candy which always happens too. But all my gluten cravings are gone at least :roll eyes:
I have my scale back but not really weighing bc of the gluten incident. I really enjoyed not having my scale. I was a lot happier. I think I might just start weighing every month or at least every week once the bloat comes off. I did lose inches and I can see differences in pictures actually especially in my face. People have commented too and clothing is noticeably looser.
My boyfriend though is not being helpful. He thinks I should gain 5lbs. He thinks I should not lose anymore weight and is being vocal about it AGAIN. I can't secretly lose weight either because he sees what I eat when we're together and sees all the exercise I do. I might try though just completely not talking at all about exercise or nutrition but that seems weird. Especially bc I really am into fitness and health. Idk. We've had the talk a couple times about him being more supportive, and he gets better for a few weeks and then it stops. So yeah, I'm going to try just not talking about it at all.
I failed my nutrition goal for the 2nd time. I'm really surprised actually bc I usually do much better with nutrition! I think its bc I was stress eating the weekend before and after finals….I'm pretty sure it will be better this week since I was actually doing it a few weeks prior to finals before I made it my official phase 5 goal.
Have a great week everyone!
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