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Its another beautiful day in the is a little breezy but the sun is shining and no rain. I slept in way legs stll ache and I think that keeps me feeling tired. One of my granddaughters called this morning. It was good to talk to her. She's finishing up her freshman year at college.

Cajun - When I get off a diet it is usually extremely hard for me to get back to it, so I understand. This 1-1-1 plan is easier for me though. I like the is just my tendency to overeat that I have to adjust. I don't do it perectly yet though. I had an evening snack last night but it was salad and a handful of nuts. Sundays are usually when I get off track because I don't cook in the evenings and seem to think I can just snack all evening. Be thankful your kidneys are working well, Cajun! It's one way to get rid of the sodium and also remeber as long as we keep trying we are doing something for our health at least.

Wannabe - I got the recipe from the Fiberone website but it's for more and yes nine would be much better for me. So thank you for making it easier!! I have your recipe in my computer cookbook now.

Lucinda - GFY getting the fam to drink the healthy juice! I love salads with beans. Or sometimes I add a little chicken or tuna. I'm glad I love veggies because they really help keep me on plan. Of course sometimes I get off but when I'm on it's mainly because of veggies. They are the key I do believe. My problem has always been inconsistency with my eating habits. I do hope I can stay OP now due to wanting my bs under control. Under your weight goal...congrats!!! Thats amazing!! I know you must feel so much better. I really want that feeling again.

exquisiternDonna - Welcome! Of course you can join us...glad to have you! Just jump right in...I look forward to getting to know you better! We now have two Donnas (at least?).

Glynne/Cana - My dh is Filipino (they also use Pilipino) and yes, they love their roasted pig. Hawaiians do too but they do it differently. I like the taste but other than bacon and the occasional (like every year or two) honey baked ham or BBQ ribs which I can't seem to drop completely...I normally don't eat pork either. LOL I like to say, I don't eat pork but I eat bacon. We make adobo with only chicken and when we make pinacbet we use Tilapia instead of pork. Cana, much has changed in the Philippines in recent years...much cleaner and better in many ways like better toilets, yet many problems still. We get the Filipino TV channels and also try to get back there at least every ten years or so. Used to be only my dh going back but now we both go and even took our son and his gf the last time (2009).After ten years you see a lot of changes. Dh still has lots of family there. Hope you enjoyed your cave trip. We had a bad experience in a cave there once, not sure I'd go in a cave outside in US now but I do love traveling and we do plan to return to PI before long. I can tell dh is getting antsy to go again.
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