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Yes, we are all entitled to our opinions, ReillyJ -- And one does not always have agree with everyone. The beauty of this forum! The OP said to discuss... and that I did I made my opinion know. If people don't like my opinions, there is a beautiful little button called "ignore" and that person never has to see my posts ever again.

Just to reiterate; I say more power to the FB poster IMHO. Congrats on achieving a perfect body. If I could achieve such an accomplishment, I would be so proud and flaunt it, but at the advantage age of 47, such thing in unattainable. But if by some miracle I did; yes there would be a TON of bikini pictures to go about. Maybe not underwear ones. -- Heck, someone calling someone else for having the perfect body is enviable itself. -- But at the same time, I would expect my friends on FB to keep it to themselves and not to share it on internet.

That being said... Congrats on OP for being happy in her skin as well. I wish I could say the same

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