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Originally Posted by DazeGypsy View Post
This... sigh. How did I not see that coming? I work out 5 times a week, have lost tons of weight, and am also proud of my body. I DON'T need to show it off all the time to feel good aboit myself. I have a man who loves me the way I am and friends who are proud of me for sticking with it like I have. And my health has improved dramatically.

I said in my post thay the pics she posts dont even bother me. I thoight on a WEIGHT LOSS forum this would be a good topic to post aboit. But of course someone has to accuse me of being jealous and make me feel bad for posting aboit it. Wow... ( now watch, this response will be used against me as more evidence of my supposed jealousy.)

Thanks to everyone else who replied with your opinions. To people who think I am jealous. That is total b.s..
That was just one lil comment from Sum38 and just a tease! Isn't it by this over-posting pic logic a sign of insecurity to over-respond to one line? haha

Anyways, hard to say. I have bum pics in my siggie, I worked hard for it since I suffered a lot of weight loss skin sag in that area and I'm comfortable with posting it and opening myself up to criticism. Since that's the price of posting on the internet, I'd say for someone who posts with non-anonymously on FB that it could be just her liking compliments as well as being confident (maybe arrogant too who knows). Or it could be a sign of insecurity - its really hard to say, but it is possible to like getting tons of validation while being confident, in my experience. Annoying to be around at times, but isn't necessarily a defining factor in determining if a person is insecure or not.

I listened to my gut and it said "You could do with less of me."

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