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Good morning all. Always so nice to log in and see all the posts (one of the advantages to being on the left side of the continent is that just about everyone else has been up and at it for several hours already).

Dean Know what you mean about being positive for others but sometimes hard to be positive for ourselves. Don't know if it helps, but I'm with Ubee in terms of looking forward to having coffee with you -- you give me a positive vibe every time I read your posts.
Jennifer Glad you got through the night. I grew up in the Midwest and then lived 25 years in the South, so I'm very familiar with tornado season. The texts are sometimes a nuisance, but also a life saver.
Ubee Congrats on getting the correspondence taken care of. Reminds me that I have some to get ready including one for Mother's Day for my niece!
Fi Love the collage mainly because I love reading your description and then seeing it through a different set of eyes. My background: Midwestern US of mainly northern European descent (English and German). Pretty vanilla. Very small families even back in the days of having lots of kids to work the farms except for my great-grandmother. No reason for you to know I don't have kids of my own, but I'm with you in totally enjoying the relationships with my niece and nephews and the grand-nephews.
Unsuspected Haven't ever tried phetermine, but my doctor's malpractice insurance doesn't cover any type of diet pill (or so she said). I'm on so much medication for a-fib that I doubt if the drug interaction would be good for me anyway. I'd definitely talk to my doctor about the dose if you want to continue with the prescription -- takes some time to get the right dosage on a lot of drugs and I imagine that the dosage will need to change as you lose weight.
Sam Ubee's right that no doctor can force you to take anything so I'd tell the doctor that you've stopped the BC pills. There may be other options to try and if he/she doesn't want to try other things, then go to a different doctor. A whole lot of a doctor/patient relationship for me at least is having confidence in how the doctor approaches a subject -- as in I want a recommendation explained to me, the reasoning explained to me, and we make the decision together. Good luck.
Restless WOW! You've been through a wringer and a half. I didn't even realize that cats could be trained to be service animals -- how cool.
Terra Glad you told me that Clyde doesn't walk with you as I had visions of him taking about 5 steps for your every one. He'd be exhausted after a block. My Toby is still learning that pulling me along at the speed of light is not acceptable.

Time to get it in gear for the day. We're having nice weather for the next week so I need to get a LOT of stuff done in the yard. It's just a disaster area because of all the rain we've had. Going to try a new recipe for cauliflower tonight -- hope I like it!

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