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Originally Posted by cass2ander View Post
Hiya! Please, first know that I LOVE Ideal.... I even wanted to own my own clinic... I have studied more, become more educated.... I believe in the diet being safe, as in the protocol.... IT's the ingredients in the packets that have me feeling conflicted..... hydrolyzed, isolated soy protein.. just to name a few

Help!!!! I'm now doing the self-talk thing, going is it worth it? Can I be on the diet just to lose 20lbs.... become really educated and do it myself with whole, natural, organic eating of real food? ugh!!! Anyone else have thoughts on this? Thanks!

There are pros and cons to this as there are in just about any decision you make. You must do what is right for you...
Top questions to ask yourself...

1.)Two parter
A- Is it safe and healthy to remain at my present weight?
B- Do you have any current health issues that make the ingredients a problem/ or any health issues that need the weight to come off ASAP?

2.)Do other diets work for me?

3.) Am I willing and able to comply to necessary lifestyle changes down the road to make this diet and the negatives balance out?
-Change past eating habits for good
- Make exercise part of your life
- You really want to look and feel good for the long haul...and not just for a vacation or an upcoming wedding/class reunion/ etc.

The answers to these questions are central to making that "right" decision for you. Most of us on here are happy with the compromises we made or are making to get to a place of looking good...But more importantly...feeling good and staying healthy. Good luck! You will find amazing support here and someone here has more than likely already encountered any difficulty in getting to goal you can imagine, and is willing to share and support ...

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