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Height: 5 ft 8.5" athlete who can give a punch & certainly take one too! :)


Thought I’d drop in to update my ticker & let those of you who care know, ... I’m still alive & kicking it! Been maintaining 7 years + 2 months now despite not being around in over a year, priorities peeps! I weighed 138.9 @ the clinic several weeks ago (down lower than I'd like to be) but I will happily EAT my way up higher now that my body has sorted out an issue. DQ blizzard, here I come! My scale and I are still distant friends, I go by my jeans-o-meter and shorts-o-meter instead and the waists are pretty loose on me nowadays, I need to wear a belt or else I have butt cleavage! yikes

Here’s a readers digest version of my latest- been having girly cycles from Hellllllooooo & became anemic due to major blood loss. I slept a lot (ironic - sleeping truly does = weightloss). My dr. wanted me to have a hysterectomy, but I didn’t want to go that route without first trying Lysteda. Whew, I’m soooooo happy I did NOT get gutted, and opted for these pills, they work miraculously for me! I had to be on iron pills for many months to get my iron levels back up to where they needed to be & surprisingly the iron pills weren’t backer uppers for me- yah, I still got my poop on daily. No more pumping iron pills for ME these days, I’m back pumping real IRON again and continue to maintain my muscle mass, boooyah!!!! Feeling like myself again and well rested, playing sports league twice a week and running both of my businesses keeps me beyond busy.

Oh yeah, our 25th anniversary was AMAZING! Switzerland was spectacular, we made many wonderful memories. When we work hard, we get to play hard by taking fabulous vacations all over the world. LIFE is beyond GOOD, it’s GREAT on my end!

Wondering how I maintain my loss after all of these years?

Like Nike,- I just do it!
Do what- you ask?

1. Eat healthy 80% of the time & 20% of the time I eat whatever the heck I want- guilt free
2. Workout daily- yes, EVERYDAY... (no ifs, ands or buts)

The 20% keeps me happy, sane, content & even-keeled! This balance suits my busy lifestyle & this simplicity is key to maintaining my loss year after year.

~ Wendalyn
I'm hanging on TIGHT cruising down the maintenance highway, and hoping not to de-rail!
MAINTAINER with 10 + years experience under my belt!
~ Wendalyn
*Diets make you look good in clothes, but exercise & weightlifting make you look good naked! ~true dat!
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