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Originally Posted by AmberLS View Post
I dislike the debate side! I realize that the nutritional information (ie net carbs (carb-fiber)) makes them unrestricted as far as carb wise, but maybe the coach is convinced for some other reason. He's pretty good about giving me good advice including ways I can indulge without IP, like a little teriyaki sauce is ok if I don't have a restricted that day, etc. He says my commitment to the plan makes him feel comfortable letting me know little tricks. I do trust him, I mean he is in it for the right reasons, he's a chiropractor and is pretty big on health. We have had very few issues other than that he's definitely got strong feelings about only using IP stuff but that's natural for all the coaches. I'm not saying anyone is wrong or right I'm just saying it makes me nervous lol I guess I will still just think they are restricted in my head
Amber..there is a "hotline" at corporate which is accessible via phone or email for office professionals. My office GRACIOUSLY used that avenue more than once to get the holy grail of an answer for me...

Maybe ask them to do that...humbly admitting to them (to gently massage their ego) are aware local office practice advice may hinge on what they have seen in most of their patients which you do think is valuable....BUT would still like both pieces of information...
( are paying for it....)

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