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Originally Posted by drd1961 View Post
There is soooo much in your body that can alter this reading. We used these in my kinesiology classes. We actually had a lab that used this, a caliper and bmi to test which we thought was most accurate. On most people the caliper was the best measure of the things we had available. That can vary depending on the level of skill the person doing it had. One thing to remember about bio-impedance is that it can only measure a short way. So unless you have electrodes all over the body it can only measure what is closest. So one you stand on gives more of a measure of lower body and one that is hand held will measure upper body. It is also very, very, very dependent on hydration measure. They say scale weight should be done first thing in the morning and bio impedance should actually be done at the end of the day. Most people do not drink a gallon of water before weigh in, so your water levels are probably down when you get measured.

Also, body fat does not change a whole lot week to week. It is actually a measurement that should be done less frequently.
Thanks for the great explanation! I'm still confused by a coach thinking she's doing something wrong when she lost 3 pounds that week.

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