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Hey Everybody...

Lot of new faces here! That makes me happy to see more people on board! Welcome Restless!!!

Restless Your fur baby sounds so cute....I have 3 of my own; Sugar, a 9 year old tuxedo female, Suqeegee, a 7 year old cream colored short hair female, and Kitanai Mimi (Key-Ta-Nye Mimi, it means Dirty Ears in Japanese), a 1 year old Himalayan/Birman mix female...I recently aquired a baby turtle, her name is Kame (Ka-May, it means turtle in Japanese lol)...As you can tell, I love my girls lol...It sounds like you've had it pretty rough girly...I don't know what UARS or SDB is but I'll look it up to better understand. Hope you'll stay awhile!!

Betsy THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! It feels good to be out of the 300's!! I hope I never see that number again!! The beach was was great to catch up with some friends. DH got sunburned...his poor little ginger heart hehehe....It doesn't take much for him to get burned, even with SPF 50 on lol...He's loving life today haha

Ubee My other cheerleader!! It feels really good to get on the scale and see that I'm under 300...It is a big accomplishment for me and hopefully the pounds will keep coming off...I'm working so hard, it's nice to see things change, especially with having PCOS where I've seen a lot of girls struggle to lose weight. It's so sweet of you to get all choked up for me!! (((((HUGS)))))

Fi I'm so glad to see you had an awesome Sunday!! Makes me so happy!! So awesome that you're getting to spend more time with your niece and you guys get along so well.

Dean Sorry to hear that you're struggling a bit...But awesome job for taking notice and getting back up on your high horse and kicking butt!!

Silent I know exactly what you mean about seeing parts of your body that is smaller...I have had short FAT sausage fingers my whole life...they're still sausagy (?, like my new word? lol) but it looks like they are starting to thin out and look longer..For someone who has always had stubbs that means a lot lol...When I was a kid I used to always say I was going to get lipo in my fingers LMAO! My wrists are getting smaller too....they almost look normal lol...whatever normal is.

Jane Things are always going to happen love...what matters is that you keep going and pushing through. I've had a hard time lately about being scared and giving up...but I've seen how far I've come, and if I just take it one day at a time, one week at a time, I know that I can get better at what I'm doing and ultimately lose the weight I need to. You have already come REALLY far losing as much weight as you have! That's a real accomplishment! Keep posting, we'll always be here to give you the love when you need it!

I had a really good day at work...Feeling good. Still having TOM problems though. I stopped taking my birth control Saturday...I just couldn't take the bad side effects I was having from it and I've been reading about different herbs that can help regulate you, such as Vitex. I'm going to buy some when I get paid. I feel a lot better since I stopped the birth control. I don't know if I should tell my doctor that I stopped taking it though...I fear she's going to push me on it again, but I'm going to stand my ground. Women with PCOS are twice as likely to develop blood clots from taking birth control and I'm not wanting to take the chance. I'm not trying to prevent a pregnancy, I just need a little help with being regular with my cycle. It's not worth the risks to me and I think I know my body than any doctor will.

This weekend a friend of mine and I reconciled our differences. She totally chewed me out and basically stopped being friends with me back in January over some stupid stuff and I'm too old to deal with the BS so I just let her go...She ended up sending me a message and apologized to me so things are kosher now. I went to her house and spent some time with her Saturday night and she gave me some clothes that she was too big to fit in anymore so I got some awesome shirts to wear now! SCORE!! She wants me to help her eat better and she just got diagnosed with PCOS too so I'm going to do what I can to help her out. She's moving to NC next month so I won't be able to visit her as often, even though she's only an hour and a half away, so it won't be too bad.

I did 45 minutes of cardio tonight and it was an uphill battle from the get go. Part of the way through I started crying and wanted to stop, but I had to basically slap myself in the face to get it together and push through. I feel pretty confident that I have my eating under control now, I just really loathe exercise lol...But I do it anyway because I know I have to in order to successfully lose my hormones are all out of wack right now too so that I'm sure had something to do with it. I did finish instead of giving up so that is an accomplishment, even if I did have to smack myself and get it together lol

Well I'm going to finish enjoying my dinner...I made roasted chicken with green beans...I don't eat the skin so I save it for DH, but my new love is dipping the breast meat into some dijon mustard...mmmm so good!!

Have a great night everyone!!

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