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This is taken from the quest as an alternative thread and was posted by Lisa...

"The Quest Coconut Cashew bars don't fit our IP profile for alts (or maybe you could call them Super-restricted and limit to once/week). They have too much fat. Take fat calories (60) multiply by 3 (no more than 1/3 calories from fat) and you can see that there are too many calories from fat in this bar. You'd want no more than 56 calories from fat to be less than 1/3
The other Quest Bars that don't work (based on fat content) or would be Super Restricted:
Vanilla Almond Crunch,
Mixed Berry Bliss,
Peanut Butter Supreme,
Peanut Butter & Jelly,
White Chocolate Raspberry,
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

All of the other Quest bars would be restricted. There are two that fall right on the edge between restricted & non (Choc Peanut butter & Strawberry Cheesecake). Fat cals are under 1/3 (but not way under) and they both have 8 g net carbs. I'd still personally them restricted, altho some use them as nonrestricted. Make your decisions carefully and determine what works based on WIs."

Hope this helps!
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