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munchey, Jump right in! Anyone is welcome, anytime of the year I have added you onto the Challenge 3 worksheet.

Mara, I have added you onto the spreadsheet on the Challenge 3 worksheet. If you would like to set a goal, you may edit this.

forkeeps2013, you don't have to use the spreadsheet at all. There for convenience of those who want to take part. Although, I did think you didn't need a gmail account to edit the spreadsheet.

Note of the spreadsheet:
As this is a yearly challenge, the spreadsheet will be used for the entire year. This means that there won't only be one worksheet in the spreadsheet. If you click into the spreadsheet, down below there are different worksheets. They read Challenge 1 - Completed!, Challenge 2 - Completed!, Challenge 3 - Current Challenge. When you are signing up for this challenge, make sure you add your name to the Challenge 3 worksheet. The spreadsheet will automatically open up on the Challenge 1 worksheet.

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