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Good morning all. Hope everyone in the Midwest and South is OK this morning -- looks like it was a rough night for so many.

Jane Life happens. And there are going to be family events and celebrations and part of having a fulfilling life is being able to be a part of those events -- including enjoying the food. Our problem occurs when we let the occasional celebration become a daily thing and it sounds like that isn't happening with you. So sorry that you're going through the stuff with your job -- that alone is undoubtedly making things harder for you. Post here every day and we'll help you with staying on plan during the day.
Ubee Has your weird mood passed? I would consider it a weird mood if I woke up and was excited about going to the gym! Glad that you got back on the horse (that would have to be a Clydesdale for me right now!)Laughed about giving Sam a major chest bump for getting under 300......had visions of us getting knocked to the floor for some reason and then for me spending half an hour trying to figure out how to get up. I mind tends to wander to odd places sometimes. And, yes, Ubee, I definitely have more success at staying on plan during the "busy" months. Just outside more and therefore away from the kitchen. Plus my garden is producing so lots of fresh stuff available. Great insight -- I need to figure out how to channel that kind of energy during rain season.
Fi Sounds like you had close to a perfect Sunday -- so happy for you as you've had some rough days lately. And I do cherish my "grands." They're actually my nephews and grand nephews, but since my sister's passing 5 years ago, I've stepped into the matriarch role in the family. And I want the boys to have the grandparent experience as my own grandparents created some of my most cherished memories for me. I miss my sister every day, but I feel as though her last gift to me was asking me to take care of her family. Since I didn't have kids of my own, they have been a blessing late in life that I never thought I'd experience.
Dean Recognizing and stopping a little slide is a huge accomplishment. Heck, I've had "slides" that lasted for a few years (actually, a few decades if I'm honest about it). Good luck with shedding those extra pounds that have appeared -- and hopefully you will enjoy the benefits of a whoosh. Enjoy that coffee.
SilentArctic Yes, I've looked at myself and done a double take a couple of times. Got me to thinking that my self image is one of a really, really big person and that maybe I started needing to think of myself as a little smaller. Plus all of the mirrors in the house only show me from the shoulder up except for the long ones in the two bedrooms I rarely go into. Maybe a more frequent mirror check is in order. Hope the knowledge that smaller is a reality helps you to feel better. Being under 300 is great -- definitely earned it the hard way!
Restless This is a great group, very supportive, and we're glad that you are going to be joining us. Wisconsin is one of my favorite states -- Ubee hails from there as well so it must be filled with nice people!
Sam Sounds like you had a nice day yesterday. How was the beach and your visit?
Jennifer Hope that migraine has gone away. They just take over the whole day when they hit.

We're in for a stretch of warm and dry weather, so I've got to hit the spring yard work (busy, busy, busy Ubee!). Food is all planned out, and I'm actually excited about finally being able to get started on some of this stuff. Have a great day everyone.

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