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Hello dear friends!

It's been so long since I have been here. I have gained sooooo much weight back and I'm terrified of it. I have had so many medical issues and my doctor says that I shouldn't worry about losing the weight but.. I am. I am weighing in this morning at 291! That is a gain of 80 pounds!!! My body is hurting so much and I need to be here for support. I feel confident that going back to basics will help me so... I hope you all are ready for my silly posts.

I was in a rear end collision in September with a car hitting me on the freeway going 65 and I and everyone else on the freeway were stopped. I have really struggled getting over that and then on December 19th I was rear ended yet again by a teenager who was texting. I had a 6 hour surgery on my stomach and parts inside and it has been extremely debilitating between the medical stuff and pain and limits that the doctor set on me.

I almost didn't update my tracker or say how much I weigh but.. I feel like that is really going back for me. For me it is freeing to not let weight be your determination of who you are. I am not a number! I am Annie The number will change but I will always be Annie!

Okay.. Enough rambling for now. Good to be back and can't wait to support all of you ladies and gentlemen as I am supported. Also.. I haven't looked around the site much yet but I am going to start planning on moving my body a certain amount of minutes each month as I did in the beginning! I am super competitive with myself so having a goal to beat helps me.

I am planning on moving my body at least 1/2 hour per day for the rest of April that is 90 minutes for today and the next 2 days!

Blessings all,
Next mini goal to get down under 300
Final Goal : 199
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