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Howdy again!

Pretty good start to the day, scale-wise. Down 0.5. Much more "bloat" to get rid of, but I think I have my head screwed on again. Yes, tracking is the key...for me, anyway. I started noticing I was developing tinnitus, so I stopped taking all vitamins, etc, and played around with diet. Lost focus along the way....and still not sure what's causing this or if it will go away.

Thanks for the kicks and well-wishes. Sometimes I just get down in the dumps about how little I accomplish in every arena of life, not just weight loss.

Well, ha, in the progress in life area....when DH and I were first married, I took care of him when he was sick all the time. I had to be tough back then, because he was a grumpy whiny/baby. Now the shoes are on different feet! He's tough as nails.

Well, I broke my 100 day no-alcohol streak the past 2 weekends. Time to start another austerity program.

....circling the pool....sticking my toes in the water....psyching myself up for a big inhale and headfirst dive into the pool....

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