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S/C/G: 235 / 189 / 165


Checking in on this, one week in :

My major commitments :

- weigh in daily (I already do this)
- step count over 10,000 at least 1 day a week
- count calories/carbs at least 2 days a week
- no dairy other than grass fed butter

SW : 189.0
CW : 185.8 (-3.2)
GW : 179.0 (and this will put me out of OBESE & merely "Overweight" per BMI

Daily weights :
186.8 Apr 22
188.2 Apr 23
188.4 Apr 24
186.8 Apr 25
186.2 Apr 26
185.4 Apr 27 (lowest weight since my wedding in 2007)
185.8 Apr 28

Steps were above 8,000 (my daily target) on Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday, and over 10k on Friday

I did not count carbs/calories this week, I'd been doing it daily until Easter & was just really burned out, but I'll do it this week for the whole week of the Induction Challenge

I put that dairy rule in place to keep me dairy free for a few months longer, since I keep fantasizing about cheese and cream! They will need to wait until the end of July though, because if I reintroduce them I'd do so first with the high-quality stuff (grass fed, raw blah blah) and that is easy to get here in France and hard to get in the States, and I'll be in the States for most of July with my kids.
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