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Originally Posted by calee View Post
Good Morning, yes it is. I had a fantastic WHOOOOSH last night. Back in the 140's. Yippee! So being hyper focused on carbs really helps me. I'm back, finally, to my March weights.

Trying Perfect Health Diet really wasn't good for my body. I can fool myself about carbs + me, but then I have to wake up and face the reality.
Nice whoosh there! Glad to see you getting some momentum and movement again on the scale.

Yeah, I am really skeptical of the paleo people who push starch so vehemently, and Jaminet (and a few others) have come off in interviews I've heard as basically thinking low carbers are stupid and not understanding their theory.

I fully accept that a "normal" human body can process starches well and responds well to them, but a lot of us end up at low carb because our bodies aren't so normal in that respect...

I've seen very few middle aged, obese or formerly obese women do well with the starch added back after they've succeeded with low carb. So I read and listen and try to learn, but hold myself back from trying carb nite and adding "safe starches" and all that. Right now, if it ain't broke, don't fix it...
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