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Default Blue Team 2014 Spring Meltdown Chat Thread Week 1 (04/28-05/04)

Well hello Blue Team,

It great to have all our return blue team members and welcome to all the new Blue team members.

This is where you will all come at least once during the week in order to have a chance on becoming the biggest loser for the week. If you have highest weight loss but have. It participated in the chat thread you cannot be the BL.

It is a great place here to get to know your team mates and for encouragement and support.

I look forward to meeting all of you and to chat with old friends as well.

For all the newbies my name is Jacky (Bigmid) I have been doing these challenges for a long time now. I started by doing the challenges about 3 years ago losing 20 my first, 15 the second and third and then became a leader and haven't lost on a challenge crazy.

I'm planning to change that this time around as I need to get back down 10-15lbs. So my goal is to get down at least 13 by the end. That's 1lb a week. Totally doable.

I'm 47, single with no kids. I take care of my mom who is not great. She had major spinal fusion surgery in Nov and has not healed well. We find out her hip needs done as well and probably caused the back pain so maybe didn't need the back surgery anyway she is scheduled for hip surgery in June. After her Nov surgery and she got home rehab was tough and I turned back to food. Not full as I'm still coming not horrible but time to focus on me again.

Anyway enough rambling about me now let's hear about all of you
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