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Okay, I think I've finally got this water thing dialed in. I was feeling pretty overwhelmed when faced with drinking a couple of huge-looking water bottles of water, and almost gave it up for hopeless. Then yesterday, while putting dishes away, I saw my boy's old A&W mini-mug glass in the cabinet. I thought...that looks tiny, wonder how much it holds? Turned out to be exactly 4 oz if I topped it off, so I took a sticky note, wrote the numbers 1-16 on it, and by 6pm, I'd had my 64 oz of water, lol. I just kept the little mug by the kitchen sink and it was easy to down a couple whenever I thought of it, plus the sticky note was motivation, because every time I drank 4 oz of water I got to take a sharpie to one of the numbers. Today, I was done by 1:30pm. Probably sounds silly, but it's working, so I'll stick with that till I get to hating water less than I do now. I'm actually going to pass on posting to the challenge thread daily, but appreciate the motivation to get started with the water.
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