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I had a good day today, a really good day. Since it was Sunday, it was my day off from working on the BERP. (Since there are new folks, I'll explain that it stands for Big Entropy Reduction Project, in my house—I could also call it the Big Paper Removal Project, but BPRP is hard to pronounce. =laugh= I'm a collage artist, the old-fashioned kind where your only tools are paper, scissors, & glue, so naturally I hoard paper. My husband and I also hoard books, so getting rid of lots of books is also part of the BERP.) In the morning I wrote part of a letter in French to my Belgian friend, Robine, but soon the itch to make art became too strong to resist, so I spent the rest of the day happily ensconced in my collage room. I have a new piece most of the way done, but it needs some finishing touches I'll do tomorrow.

And then, around 6 PM, our niece Margaret and her 7-yr-old son Gavin arrived, our weekly get-together with them. While Gavin played computer games in Bob's office, Margaret helped me kick off an ancillary project to the BERP, which is that of sorting all the clipped images I'm generating as I plow through magazines into a nice set of twenty boxes I bought at the Container Store. The boxes are all different colors and two different sizes: they're all quite large but short, so they slot nicely into a set of bookshelves, and I've put labels on them like "People" and "Plants" and "Planet Earth" and "Purple" and so on—ten boxes for different image categories and ten boxes for different colors & patterns.

We had a good time sorting away, each of us working from a two-inches-thick stack of clipped images, laughing as we learned how to make all the decisions involved. For example, does a cool-looking black-&-white pattern of marbles go in the box labeled "Little Things" or the one labeled "Black & White"? We went for the latter choice.

It was especially fun for me to fantasize about how fabulous it will be to take down the boxes from the shelves and look for images in them, once they're all nicely stuffed with clippings. Margaret is such a good buddy to me: we think a lot alike about art and fashion, visual imagery in general, and we love each other very much.

And then, for dinner, we ordered pizza as usual, with a big Greek salad for me. Mmmmm...feta cheese, red onions, kalamata olives, those cute wrinkly pale green peppers, and lots of crunchy fresh lettuce. I do love me some Greek salad! I never even consider having a slice of pizza anymore: it's so much not a food that I eat, it doesn't even look like food to me. Yay!!

Sam— You are AWESOME to have made it under 300! I hit that milestone myself not that long ago, so I know what a lift to the spirits it is to have that three-digit number starting with a two already. You go girl! You're rocking the 200s now!

Restless— Welcome to the 300+ Chat thread—where we bare our souls, at least it seems that way to me, and cheer each other on as we march down the paths of our personal weight loss journeys. What kind of fur baby is Killer? The feline kind or the canine kind? (Or something else?) In mid-July I'll be bringing two oriental shorthair kittens into my home and my heart, so I'm definitely into havin' fur-kids. Tell us more about UARS and SDB: off the top of my head, I don't know those abbreviations. You sound like you've had a rough ride so far. I hope that soon things will be looking up for you! Wisconsin's a beautiful state, in my opinion. My parents bought a summer place on a lake in Eagle River, and I hope it will belong to my three nephews one day.

Jennifer— So sorry to hear about your migraine! I had migraines in my late 20s and early 30s, then they mysteriously vanished. So I know very well that migraine pain is no picnic. I'm glad to hear you have meds to keep it under control.

Betsy— You are so committed to your grand-kids: I really admire that. I hope that their love for you is a boost to your spirits and that it puts steel in your resolve to get down to a healthy weight, so you'll have a nice long time to be with them!

Ubee— Your new Tough Love thread was a great idea: I'm looking forward to getting my butt kicked there about walking more often, so I can get all this BERP stress down to a manageable level. Is it possible for you to put some of those treats you want to avoid into a box labeled "Not a Food for Me"? You don't have to be all-or-nothing about abstinence from sweets: just start slowly, with one thing, be it cake or cookies or whatever. Can you say to yourself, "That one food I no longer eat, except for special occasions I have planned in advance." It's not a deal where you have to give up the food for all time—just a way of making a compartment in your head that will protect you from those unplanned occasions. Think about it...

Terra— I'm so glad to hear you're over your bug. You're my walking hero! I want so much to be a taker of frequent and sometimes long walks. My father had terrible coronary artery disease that started in his 40s, but you know what? He lived until 80, astonishing his doctors, because he walked at least two miles every single day. I know I have it in me: I just gotta figure out how to build the habit.

silent— Oh dear, I'm sad that you've got a case of the grumps. Do you think you may be depressed? For me, at least, being grumpy is my low-grade depression. Good luck gettin' a handle on that, girl!

unsuspected— Sorry to hear that you have thyroid-related depression. What do you mean when you say, "Nothing can solve it"? Please stick around and keep posting. I appreciated what you said about my episode of depression pain...

Good night y''s time for me to eat my muesli, then hit the sack. My Dad was a Navy man, so even though he's gone now, I still use those sailor expressions where you "hit the deck" in the morning and "hit the sack" at night. It's part of a lot of little things I do to stay close to him.... =smile=

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