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SunnyMathChick - I LOVE oats but for some reason they have not been filling me up lately. I think I need to add more fixins like the ones you suggested. I've heard the pumplin puree, cinnamon, and maple syrup idea a couple of times and it sounds delicious!

Munchy - I'm not a huge fan of egg sandwiches and only eat them when on the road. However, I have will have to try the quiche cupcakes. That recipe looks amazingly easy to make and consume!

banananutmuffin - I used to only focus on having a high fiber breakfast but lately I've been incorporating more protein. With the most recent breakfast iteration (high fiber and protein), I'm feeling fuller longer. Switching to cottage cheese has been the key to high protein, relatively low calorie. I can't believe I didn't think of trying that! I'm always eating it at my parents' house as a treat but never thought to buy some for myself. Thanks for that!

fadedbluejeans - Smoothies tend to be my lunch go-to, and they are incredibly filling. I've heard great things about chia seeds so I may have to try that next time.

nonameslob - See above post about oatmeal. It didn't do the trick, unfortunately. I may need to experiment more with the additions to get a more filling breakfast out of it. Cottage cheese and pineapple sound yummy That's going to have to be the next experiment.

tommy - Adding real protein (not only milk) has been the key to feeling full the last few days. You are totally correct that I needed to switch that out. Milk is more of a guilty pleasure than a source of protein. I get grumpy if I don't have dairy in the morning. I guess it's a comfort food of sorts.

Pattience - For the last month or so, I've had a sneaking suspicion that I'm not eating enough because I've been hungry all the time, not just after breakfast. I used to limit myself to 1500 calories daily but I've upped that to 1700 because of the constant hunger. I generally don't eat crap in that I hit my protein and fiber goals each day so it was most likely not the quality of food, but more so the quantity. While I'm no longer hungry in the afternoons and evenings, I still can't get my breakfast figured out. With the addition of more protein through cottage cheese and peanut butter, I think I'm on the right track. Thanks for the book suggestion! I will definitely check that out.

Brandis - I am on a quinoa kick lately but never thought to try it for breakfast. Great idea!

crispin - I grew up on lunch sandwiches served as breakfast food so your veg and meat suggestion might be worth a try again. Good idea regarding limiting sugar before 3 pm. I need sugar in my life to feel like I'm not depriving myself, so eliminating it completely wouldn't work. But staying away until the afternoon is totally doable and better for controlling hunger.

Pattience (again) - That is indeed delicious! It's nearly exactly what I had this morning except I substituted cottage cheese for the toast. I even threw in some figs because we had them lying around.

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