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Good Sunday everyone! After church we went to Costco for couple items and lunch.I did ok on my eating plan yesterday and my weight shows it. My bs not so much.

cereal with 1/3 cup milk - carb and protein
1 oz cheese - fat

1/2 lg slice pizza, combo - protein, carb and fat

dinner will be:
Sesame chicken and veggies
Didn't get this made last night so will have it tonight.

Wannabe - The haystacks sound good...I love chocolate and pb! I have to only make a few so I don't start binging on them though. Freezing doesn't even work for me...ETA: Just looked up the recipe..only 9 gm carb and 3 gm fiber per cookie! Not bad...I'll try them sometime when I really need a sweet treat! thanks!

Lucinda - I can do that more now but not always enough to keep me from eating something I shouldn't. However I do not have the physical issues with food. I'm sure it would be easier if I did!

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