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I saw this post and just wanted to chime in. Congratulations on your new buddy. Guinea pigs are one of my favorites. Snickers should be eating primarily Timothy or Orchard Grass hay(if an adult). There should be less pellets offered than hay(they can get fat), and good leafy green veggies(not iceberg), should be offered. If you don't spray your yard with anything, they love dandelions and munching fresh grass. With fresh foods, make sure that those you offer are high in vitamin C, as piggies can't make it themselves, and are prone to scurvy. Avoid too many cruciferous veggies, as these can create gas in the GI tract. The pellets you buy should be bought in small bags and kept in the fridge, and you should consider getting a vitamin C supplement (tablets for pigs). Although GPs will beg, it is really better to limit the junk and pellets and feed mostly hay. It will make the difference in how many years Snickers will live. No nuts, seeds or things with added sugar, and not too many fruits. Also, alfalfa hay is very high in calcium, and can contribute to the formation of stones in the urinary tract(which can be fatal if they are unable to urinate), so best to avoid that, unless your GP is pregnant or growing. Taking care of snickers will prevent unnecessary sickness. Just like us, they are what they eat!
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