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Pixikat... are you holding onto that water bottle when you are on that scale? Shed that liquid! that is all it is!

Hello Calee and WOOHOO to getting back to that 140's HOORAY! and me.. actually 225.4 was my lowest about 8 days ago and I have finally gotten back here! But I am so psyched about doing induction again (just got back from shopping) so that I can race Easily to the 2 teens!

Easily... I still just count carbs as counting calories would drive me nuts. I try to walk enough to work off at least 500 calories of extra exercise (soon to start ZUUUUUUMBA! WooHoo). Carbs are my triggers and it looks like I will need to stay under 40 to maintain (average weekly) and under 25 to lose... which is AOK at my age (56 next week).. and my brain thanks me every day (and I thank God!). Maybe when I get to 170 or so.. I might have to get drastic and count calories.. or just cut down to 2 meals a day instead... Will think about that when I lose 50 more lbs!

Gorgeous day here in Southeast Florida! I hope noone has any extreme weather anywhere near you!

2013 weight loss journey start 320 Loss 111 = 209
New Goal (2017 313.4 start) Lose 10%

You have to believe it first and then you will see it!!

1 for every 10 lbs lost

to Rauros Falls 1309 miles
traveled: 1065.25 (exercise miles only) started 3/1/13
Remaining: 243.75 - Rauros Falls!

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