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Weekends are also hard for me. We used to eat out almost every weekend meal because it was my break from the kitchen (I stay at home with my daughter and my husband works from home so I serve three meals a day all week) but with trying to lose weight that is no longer reasonable. It kind of sucks bc I really liked my break, lol! Not eating out at all is also not reasonable for us so I try to keep it to one dinner or one lunch out. Sometimes during the week we will eat one dinner out too. Anyway, this weekend, for example, I had three meals off plan bc I went to visit my family so I'm just getting right back in my usual routine today to send a message to my brain that the free for all is over!

Some suggestions perhaps would be prepping food ahead of time for during the week. I like to make meals ahead that I can freeze, cut veggies up in advance, make a batch of treats that are on plan for me (wheat/sugar free), etc. anything you can do ahead of time will help on those nights you are tired. As for social events, you can try to eat a meal before you go to curb your works for some folks.

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