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Joining this thread late. I'm just four workouts into Stage 1, having done 1A and 1B each twice.

So far it's making me conscious that these whole-body, compound exercises are a completely different animal from doing a split workout, which is what I've been trying for just over a year now. Inadvertently I've created some imbalances because I focused on upper body and ignored lower body, thinking cardio would take care of that. So lunges and step-ups are really difficult for me, while twice-weekly Pilates classes for the past three years made the prone jack-knife and the plank not so hard.

I'm also working to improve my squat form. One of my imbalances seems to be complete lack of flexibility in ankles and hips. I cannot get my butt down low into the hole. I keep practicing in the weirdest places, leaning onto stuff for balance.

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