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I just happened to find this on Twitter just now. It is very short but another study showing people eating more calories but on low carb high fat lost more weight than people eating fewer calories on high carb low fat.

Note people on low carb had ketones levels between 0.5 and 3. This is not slightly dangerous. It is called being in ketosis. Now there is something unique to type 1 diabetics called ketosisacidious (spelling). The ketone levels for that are over 10, usually 11-14.

Virtually impossible to get there unless type 1 diabetic.

I've become 'fat adapted' now and my body and brain use ketones. It is great for the body but unbelivable for the brain. You feel good, great actually. And never get the afternoon blahs. So Primal/Paleo for me became way more than weight. The weight loss just kind of happened.

More important but related of course is just how much my overall well-being improved. No more sleep apnea, back pain, allergies, and lots of energy and vitality and great moods all the time now.

Sorry I realized in the post above this one I said Sam did 28 day expirements, they were 21 days each. My earlier post was also before he did the low fat high carb. He has also recently done 21 days 5,700 calories on vegan if anyone is interested it is on his site. And her is his post after finishing day 21 of the low fat high carbs:

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